Our Story

EC Nourished was created to provide healthier options for skincare. My vision is to nourish the body with natural and organic skin loving ingredients. In return, leaving the skin replenished, restored and smooth.

This vision started back in 2008 when I started my natural hair journey. During that time, I was learning how to care for my hair in its natural state. While learning to care for my hair, I also learned how to care for my skin naturally. I researched and experimented with making body butter. I thank God for a circle of love ones that allowed me to experiment my butters on them, they gave me honest feedback and encouraged me every step on this journey. While working on my body butter formula, I also started to fall in love with candles. Eventually developing a collection of skincare products and a home fragrance collection.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, I’m a wife and mom of two handsome sons. I’ve been a Pharmacy Technician since high school and love working in healthcare and I love my city…Chicago!!!